Shoe Lasts & Styles: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 into the world of Loake's shoe lasts and styles. In this continuation, we shift our focus to explore the most popular contemporary shaped lasts. As we delve deeper into the distinctive characteristics and fittings of these modern designs, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the craftsmanship that defines each unique last. 


9. Ridge (F Fitting)

Our most popular last in the Design Loake range, Ridge has an elongated toe with a squared off finish. Ridge gets its name from the ridge upon the top of the shoe, toward the front. It should fit true to size, but like Matrix and Blade especially, it has extra cosmetic length in the front.

10. Matrix (F Fitting)

Matrix is used within our Shoemaker range to give a contemporary twist to classic formal shoes, such as the Smith toe cap Oxford or the Jones brogue. Matrix has an elongated toe shape with a rounded point. This last generally runs true to size and is comparable to our traditional F fitting last shapes in terms of fit.

11. Legend (F and G Fitting)

Legend is a well-established last shape that has been in use for some years. It features a squared off toe shape of standard length. The sizing of this last in F fitting should be true to size. The G fitting version of this last offers a more generous fit in terms of width.

12. Blade (F Fitting)

Blade is used within our Design Loake range. It offers an elongated toe with a squared off tip. Blade has a sleek low profile and is probably less suited to those with a high instep. Blade tends to run a little on the large side; depending on your fit characteristics you may need a half size smaller in this last.

13. Swing (G fitting)

The Swing last has a distinctive curve to the outer edge and an elongated, slightly pointed toe shape. It is one of our roomier last shapes and due to the fitting and the properties of the last, you may need a half size down if you normally take F fitting shoes. Swing is used for our formal G fitting shoes in the 1880 range.

14. Duke (E fitting)

The Duke last is one of the few lasts we use which is an E (narrower) fitting. This last features a standard length chisel toe with an overall sleek appearance. Whilst this is a narrower last than most, it is also a relatively tall design; those who take an F fitting may well find that they can wear this last in their normal size.

15. 033 (G fitting)

Used in our L1 range, the 033 last has a broad, squared off toe of standard length. This last usually runs true to size. Whilst this is a wide fitting last, it is also relatively low profile; those with a high instep may be better suited to a more traditional G fitting last such as 3625 or 026.

16. Jack (F Fitting)

The Jack last is used within our Design Loake range for both shoes and boots. It should run true to size for those who wear F fitting footwear. Jack also has extra cosmetic length in the toe, with a rounded end to the toe shape.

In this post, we've unveiled a range of contemporary shaped lasts, each with its distinctive characteristics and fittings, crafted to elevate your footwear experience.Visit our store at N1 Martin Place in Sydney or explore our online platform to witness the artistry behind Loake's most popular shoe lasts.