What are the different types of shoe sole?

Goodyear Welted footwear is traditionally constructed with a leather sole. In recent years however, other materials have begun to grow in popularity.

What are the different types of shoe sole?

The majority of the shoes we make at Loake still feature a leather sole, but there is an increasing number of rubber/synthetic sole options on offer. Let's dive into the diverse world of Loake shoe soles and explore the unique features that set each one apart.

1. Leather shoe soles

Leather is arguably still the best all round soling material. Being of natural composition it is breathable, helping feet to remain comfortable in warmer weather. Many people also find that leather has the best ‘feel’ on the foot, as it moulds to the shape of the feet and becomes increasingly comfortable with wear.

In addition to our leather soles, we have several rubber options.

2. Dainite Rubber Soles

Perhaps the most versatile of these is the “Dainite” rubber studded sole. This is designed so that the profile appears no thicker than a standard leather sole and it is therefore well suited for use in formal shoes. The Dainite sole gives improved grip and durability, especially in damp conditions.

3. Commando Rubber Sole

We have two heavier rubber sole units. The first is our “Commando” sole which has a distinctive heavy cleated tread. This gives improved grip on uneven surfaces. This sole is thicker than the Dainite sole and feels a little heavier on the foot as a result.

4. Victory Rubber Sole

“Victory” is our other heavy rubber sole. It has a similar weight and grip to the Commando sole. Due to the weight and shape of both these rubber sole units, it is not possible to fit them to all our shoe styles.

5. Lattice Rubber Sole

The final type of sole in our current range is referred to as our “Lattice” model, which is a leather sole with a rubber forepart. This composite sole is designed to provide both the benefits of leather and the durability of rubber. It is also designed to be no heavier or thicker than a leather sole and so is appropriate for our most formal designs. Lattice can be fitted to all our leather soled Goodyear Welted shoes if required as part of a Goodyear Welt repair service.

While leather soles remain a timeless choice, the introduction of rubber and synthetic options has added versatility. Discover the diverse range, each sole uniquely crafted to enhance comfort and style.