How to care for suede

Most people have a reasonable understanding of how important it is to look after leather shoes and it’s relatively easy to find information about the various creams, waxes and polishes that are available and how to use them.

Although it’s just as important to look after suede shoes, they are a little more delicate and there seems to be less information available. So here are a few hints of how to look after your suede shoes.

How to Care for Suede Shoes

1. Brush your shoes with a suede brush after every use

This will revive the nap and remove any excess surface dirt that may have accumulated. Suede Brushes are often made of brass wire and are used for raising the ‘nap’ of the suede, but it’s also possible to buy multi-headed brushes which can have a gentler effect if you’re worried about scuffing the surface. Always brush the nap in the same direction, this will keep the shoes looking clean and stop you just brushing dirt around the shoe.

2. Spray all over with a suede protector

This can be used to protect your suede shoes against marks, stains, spillages, etc. Some modern suede leathers have protectors already tanned into them, but you won’t always know this until it’s too late, so it’s a good idea to spray them anyway. Take the manufacturer’s advice and test it on a small area first, as this will prevent you from ruining the colour. Do this regularly to keep the level of protection constant.

3. If you need to remove mild stains, you can rub with a suede cleaning block

It can sometimes be effective to rub the stained area with the suede of the other shoe, but try not to use anything too abrasive or you’ll risk damaging the material. When you’ve removed the stain, brush and spray again.

4. Finally, here are a few more Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Don’t leave your shoes in the sun, this will fade the colour. Keep them cool, dry and well aired
  • Do use shoe trees, these will absorb the extra moisture from your feet and help to maintain the shape.
  • If your shoes get wet, do try to absorb as much moisture as possible before leaving them to dry naturally. You can then deal with water marks once they are fully dried.
  • If you get mud on your shoes, do let the mud dry before brushing off (otherwise you may just brush it into the suede).
In conclusion, caring for suede shoes requires attention and specific measures to preserve their delicate texture. Regular brushing with a suede brush, application of a suede protector, and careful removal of stains with a suede cleaning block are crucial steps. Additionally, following do's and don'ts, such as avoiding direct sunlight, using shoe trees, and allowing wet shoes to dry naturally, ensures the longevity and appearance of your suede footwear. Prioritise these practices to maintain the beauty and quality of your Loake suede shoes over time.